Change (reflecting our sincerity and integrity)

 When CHANGE takes place, people in authority (who are against changes) will feel pressurized and perhaps having their egos challenged.

Then their true self will reveal itself through their actions of defensiveness and verbal attacks on small issues that clouds the overall winning possibilities. No plans are ever perfect ….. and one can find flaws if they wish to even on the best well conceived plans !! Easily too !!

One can then judge if there are elements of sincerity and integrity in one’s actions ; to support or reject change. Often, in the winds of change, we (who do not resist change) will find our true direction, support and friends …..

Is it about preserving one’s dignity, maintaining self esteem ……… which are ok …. …………….. versus wanting popularity and being vain ………

People can see our actions …… and certainly one’s ACTIONS will surely speak louder than one’s words ….. (positive or negative).

17 April 2011 @ 6.30 pm

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