Customer complaints

Every company  makes mistakes.
No matter how great it is.

To mantain reputation or to be even better, it is a must that EXCEPTIONAL EXTRAORDINARY efforts are rendered whilst handling complaints from an upset customer.

It should be quick, decisive and action oriented. Flexibility can be exercised. 

Only then will it encourage loyalty, appreciation and “promotion through word of mouth” by a contented customer.

Stronger relationships and customer retention are made in times of challenges and difficulties ; rather than in good times. Simply because, every grateful customer remembers a PROBLEM and how it is being resolved.

Is there depth in your beauty ?

Everyone would enjoy being told that she is beautiful.

But true flattery is when people tell you that you are intelligent, kind, passionate, responsible and appreciates you as a genuinely good person.

Beauty is given to you. You could be born with beauty.

But it is YOU who created who YOU are and YOUR purpose in life.

And this depth inside you will define YOU and be everlasting, whilst beauty will just fade away over time.


A scapegoat is a person or animal which takes on the sins of others or is unfairly blamed for problems or failures of others. The concept originally comes from Leviticus  (the third book of the Jewish Bible and of the Old Testament) in which a goat is designated to be cast into the desert with the sins of the community. Other ancient societies had similar practices.

After all these years and as far back as history could be told, isn’t it sad that scapegoating still exists today in politics and in management !!

Due admiration goes to LEADERS  who take equal blame with his team versus those who finger point failures to others.

Are you guilty of scape-goating ?  Seek the answers from your heart.


Watch the VIDEO.

Sacrifice the people to save the numbers versus sacrifice the numbers to save the people.

Head counts versus heart counts.

Better that we should all suffer a little than any of us should have to suffer a lot.

Leadership is a choice not a rank.

Some people do not have a choice. They do what they are told because someone else had authority over them.

Do good for others and it will be reciprocated.


If you are asking someone for a favor

– have respect for that someone

– and once favor is given, do not take that favor for granted

– do not ever take advantage of that someone

– be grateful for the favor given 

Never take a favor or kindness for granted ; nor take advantage of the person who gave it to you.

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