A mistake made.
A wrong turn taken.

If only you are willing to say sorry, willing to own up, stop being defensive and take sincere actions to correct your fault, life will be less complicated and meaningful relationship will be forged.

Nobody is perfect … and the ability to admit your shortcomings shows dignity and humility.

Humility in 2018

Here we are, year end again.
For many I am sure, 2017 just flew by.

Looking back, what was 2017 all about ?

Have we touched someone ?
Has someone touched and changed us ?
Or have we offended, hurt someone ?
With our words ? Actions ?

We know we are not perfect
We do make mistakes
Yet somehow “sorry” seems to be the hardest word.
By nature, most human beings chose to be defensive
Is it Ego ? Pride ? Circumstances ? Positions ? Ignorance ?

Well, it’s never too late to let our guard down
Especially to people who are dear to us
Family, friends, colleagues, even mere acquaintances.
It’s always admirable to have big heart

To be real and to be apologetic when one is wrong
Then there will be more inner peace, harmony,
love, laughter and even happy tears

For me, 2017 has been a a year of LEARNING
With tears of pain as well as of joy
A year of revelation of behaviors and patterns, mine as well as others.

Thanks to everyone who has been my TEACHER this year

Merry Xmas, happy holidays and have a great 2018 ahead.

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