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Sacrifice the people to save the numbers versus sacrifice the numbers to save the people.

Head counts versus heart counts.

Better that we should all suffer a little than any of us should have to suffer a lot.

Leadership is a choice not a rank.

Some people do not have a choice. They do what they are told because someone else had authority over them.

Do good for others and it will be reciprocated.


If you are asking someone for a favor

– have respect for that someone

– and once favor is given, do not take that favor for granted

– do not ever take advantage of that someone

– be grateful for the favor given 

Never take a favor or kindness for granted ; nor take advantage of the person who gave it to you.


Dedicated to YOU

May you have a fruitful day today 

Finding what you need to look for

Achieving what you need to acomplish

Angels are normally looking after good, kind hearted person

Who’s working hard,  determined to move ahead

Yet serving sincerely


For what it is worth ….

You are pushing and trying your best to balance out your life

Seems like a struggle now

And it may feel like running a marathon

You are panting …..

Breathless and  desperately looking out for the finishing line

Every step you take builds you

Makes you stronger, wiser

Endure, push on

You will then really cherish your accomplishment when all is finally done

You will be a brand new YOU

A survivor and a winner

Then you can tell others

Encourage others by saying 

” I did it , so can you”

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