Fuel Hike Demonstrations in Indonesia.

The peoples’ aspirations it seems !! Democracy? Should the govt bow down to these hooligans on the streets vandalizing properties, throwing stones, torching police cars, causing traffic jams, cutting access to airports and paralyzing business activities? At this point, it is not anymore whether the fuel price should increase or not. The point is – it is simply deplorable and embarrassing on the manner these demonstrations have been conducted. Vandalism and violence are not signs of nationalism or patriotism. It is more like “gangsterism” . And the whole world is watching. May God help us in Indonesia who love the country and just wish to see the country grow in the true sense of independence, clean prosperity and stability …. free of illogical acts of creating a social problem and tarnishing the country’s international business reputation in the false pretext of voicing the aspirations of the “rakyat”.

Regretfully  & dissappointedly yours,


30 March 2012

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