Humility and MUTUAL RESPECT from a President

From the day he contested for Presidency, Jokowi was cool.
He respected everyone and even called his contenders his friends and fellow statesmen.

Few maneuvers were made to undermine him.
Threats were also made to stall the Presidential inauguration.
What we saw was just him smiling and having faith that “insya-allah” in god’s will, all will be well.

Indeed 7 days before 20th Oct, the political battle from opposition parties began to simmer down.

Despite all that has happened, Jokowi even visited Prabowo’s residence to show friendship and future cooperation. A really great initiative.

Today, Jokowi was installed as Indonesia’s 7th President.

He was in a suit with a red tie during this ceremony. Once over, he was back in his trademark long sleeve shirt, tucked out with sleeves rolled up.

His speech was simple. Calling upon everyone to work really hard to build this huge Indonesian nation. And he also stressed on good governance.

Further humility and mutual respect was seen via his automatic gesture and body language. When he was giving away the “tumpeng” traditional yellow rice to recipients, he BOWED to them.

This gesture was in respect to these recipients for their achievements in life. One was lady single mother who worked as a taxi driver and brought up 2 kids on her own, the other was a young school student who was a champion in an international Olympiad competition and the third was to a cake seller who earned his keeps by walking from village to village. He BOWED to all of them. Simply marvelous and a wonderful gesture to be admired.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. On stage when prayers were made, an Islam ulama was heading the prayer. AMAZINGLY wonderful to see was that religious leaders from other minority religions in Indonesia – Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu were all standing alongside the Muslim ulama saying prayers together. What a great sight indeed.
Religious harmony and mutual respect.

At point of this posting, indeed there is much to look forward to under Jokowi’s leadership for the next 5 years.

Congratulations Pak Jokowi. You are indeed a symbol of humility and mutual respect that ought to be admired ; and a symbol that so many of us could learn from regardless of our social status, position and background.

@7.15 pm : 20 Oct 2014

Speed, customer loyalty, marketing logic, sales strategy, frustration ?

I am an iphone fan. Love it.
I must admit Samsung had tempted me many times over, but i am still loyal and having my iphone 5.

I was looking forward to getting the iphone 6 or maybe even 6+. Unfortunately, these are not available in Indonesia yet. Helloooooo !!!!! How  can this be when the potential of mobile gadget here in Indonesia is so huge ??

Has Apple considered Indonesia a low priority country ??
This has happenned before too on their past launches on iphone 4, 5,5s and 5c as well as mini ipads. Indonesia has always been behind time in receiving these new launches.

The samsung galaxy note 4 (in my opinion) is Samsung’s answer to iphone 6+. It will be launch in Jakarta 24 Oct. They have worked with Citibank and Indosat offering attractive discounts to customers.

Now if I had a chance to get an iphone 6 today, I would.

However, as I could not….. I have now signed up a pre-order for Galaxy Note 4 and i will now be an Android user instead. Will be then getting my Galaxy Note 4 end of this month.

But hey I am just one customer. Perhaps other loyal iphone customers have the patience to wait or they could take a plane and shop in Singapore or even get the iphone 6 via the black market by paying 30-50 % more ?

Apple is a brilliant company and i am sure they have smart people running the company.
And i am sure they have thought it over carefully why the sales of their new product in Indonesia is purposely scheduled 2-3 months later than our neighboring Asean country.

What are the reasons ? Better profits ? Marketing sensation ? Long term higher volume sales projection via launch phases ? Stocks distribution challenge ? production capacity / capability ?

I too wish to learn of their strategy if given a a chance to have a better understanding.
Perhaps I too can also be a smarter strategist then.

Well …. anyways …. for now …….. as I am only human …. driven by psychological inherent behaviors … I want my new toy now … and I want it today.
Hence …. I have to be unfaithful.

So ….. Hello¬† SEXY S Pen.
Looking forward to my relationship with you.

Managers & Leaders

Managers & Leaders

In one’s younger years when one never had or did not have the urge to impress anyone, .. it is may not be a good thing. As one may never felt the need to be appreciated for a job well done.

For when you are older, you will never know how to make a younger person (who wishes to impress you) feel special and worthy.

When you then lead – you are cold.
(In action, in words, in writing)

For those who never felt the need to be appreciated will in turn most likely do not know how to appreciate others

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