What a difference in SERVICE

Great Customer Service
When one calls most of the telecommunication customer service (call centre) in Indonesia, one would be put thru a lengthy process of automated answers.

First there will be a waiting time.
Then an automated voice would give choices on the nature of the call
Then sub choices wpuld be given , etc etc ….

The whole process would take a good 1-2 minutes before one is given a choice to speak to a “real life” person. Then another waiting time before a person comes on line. Then a whole string of verification process will take place.

Well, I called XL this morning for a problem on my phone.
Surprisingly, it was a quick and good experience.

The automated voice only asked me 1 question whether I preferred the service in Indonesian or English. After that, a “real person” was immediately on line speaking to me.
One validation question (only one … wow) was asked (compared to 4 or 5 by other providers).

She did not ask me “challenging questions” like “ have I tried rebooting my phone or is your area having strong signal strength” .
Within a short while she was able to resolve my problem ; efficiently and intelligently.

After I hung up, I got an immediate sms buzz on my phone with the message below.
Clearly, XL takes Customer Service Excellence very seriously.
– Having speed and efficiency in responding to problems
– Putting a qualified and sart person to serve their customers.

The point is … when a customer is on the phone … he/she wants to speak to a person IMMEDIATELY. This is fact, instead of being bounced around by an automated voice.
The choice to speak to a person should be given as “first option” instead of being the “last option” (after a 2 minute annoying phone-ride)

Thank you XL.


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