Delightful Moments


ONE-Day KL trip 2 March 2016.

After a tiring day of travelling, traffic jam,  heat,  meetings, which started at Jakarta since 5 am, I finally checked into the Grand Millenium Bukit Bintang at 7.30 pm. The reception was warm and courteous. Checking in was swift.

Went up to the room. The room had a pleasant smell and they ALREADY had the key-card slotted into the wall-card-slot and the air con was already switched on at a very nice cool comfortable temperature.

Ahhhhh heaven ……
What a great feeling.


After dinner at abt 10.30 pm

Me :  Hello, Concierge, I wish to book a taxi to KLIA tomorrow morning at 9.00 am.

CONCIERGE – Certainly Sir. To the old klia or klia 2 sir ?

Me – the old klia.

Conc : Just to make sure…. which flight are you on Sir ?

Me :  I am taking Garuda,  flying  to Jakarta.

Conc :  Then thats correct Sir. Garuda departs from the old Klia and you can check in at counter A.  And  we should allow  at least 1.5 hours for you to reach the airport in good time. You should arrive klia latest by 10.30 to catch your flight .

Wow ……what a great concierge.


Key points :
Little delightful things
Eye for detail
Service excellence
Small smiles each day

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