You know them …

Are yo truly ENGAGED in what you are doing whole heartedly ? Are you leading your life with a strong purpose and conviction to be better, to add value, to share joy, to give ?

Or are you bored and passing your days aimlessly ? Surrendering to circumstances? Doing the same as you did years ago ? Creating excuses to camouflage your insecurities and fear of change ? Conjuring distractions to cover up yr failures.
Who are you ? Which are you ?Search deep inside your soul.

That one extra effort

Sometimes, when you don’t have a clue how to “do things differently”, then you just have to do “the extra-one-effort”.

Look for that one-more customer. Use one-more hour to read. Use one-hour to walk in the park to clear your thoughts, to think. Use one-hour to google for ideas. Mingle with one-person from another industry/background. Spend one-hour looking at yr spreadsheet to make a story from yr data.

You will be amazed on how that one-extra-effort can shed light to you.

Most importantly, you must enjoy and hv fun in that extra-one-effort.

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Nobody gets along with everybody, unless of course you are being an apple-polisher or being a hypocrite.
If you are liked by everyone, then perhaps you are just trying to please everyone and pretending to be not who you are.
Hence, what is important would be
  1. your immediate superior supports and understand you
  2. your key peers (not all) trust and work well with you
  3. your direct subordinates respect and believe in you
Others are then of secondary importance. There will always be challenges in interacting with different people, as they themselves will have challenges understanding you.
Hence, be AUTHENTIC, be firm, stay on course with your principles. Care for people who genuinely appreciates you and be careful of those wearing a mask.
Be YOU !!! Let others see the real YOU.
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