Be a GREAT Loser !!

Dedicated to my dear friend “Im x 2” ( ………… and not because you lost)

Winning or losing is part of a Sales Professional’s journey. Great sales person do not like to lose. However, the fact is – nobody wins all the time. All we can strive for would then be that “we win more often than we lose”.

Should we lose, we will then need

a) to evaluate if we were late, at the wrong place or lobbied the wrong decision maker

b) to not blame others and critically confront our imperfection or our subordinate’s poor follow thru

c) to check our ego and gracefully admit that indeed competition did something better than us

d) to not make others’ feel bad as it is most likely our fault that we lost. Our fate is in our own hands not in our competitors’ hands.

e) to evaluate if our competitors won fairly, professionally and ethically. If they did, perhaps we could emulate some of their ways. If they did not, then do not even think of stooping to their level in the next sales bid.

Life is too short to feel sorry or to make others feel sorry. When we lose, we are emotionally upset and our egos bruised. Do not let emotions or ego control our actions by making silly comments/remarks or have any suspicious thoughts on our competitors’ prowess …..

Be a gentleman ……. exit gracefully, learn and be better …..

We will then be a GREAT SALES PROFESSIONAL …………and not an “egoistic salesman” who blames the whole world and everybody but ourselves.

Let’s strive to be GREAT …. It is a continuous journey. Let’s not admit that we are ALREADY GREAT !! Then we are truly bluffing ourselves.

ImX2 … you have done well. You WON !! You were the better sales person …. Ignore what others have to say ….. your  conscience  is clear, you have done what is right …………. and only GOD can judge you fairly.

God Bless

Willie @ 18 Dec 2010

One thought on “Be a GREAT Loser !!

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  1. I remembered the day just before I stepped into my 30th
    birthday.. I cried my heart out coz I thought I was the biggest
    looser.. the way I looked at things were so different then.. Then,
    later 40th birthday came by.. this time I didn’t cry coz I defined
    looser a different way, and I also learned about if I’m not willing
    to loose a little I will never gain at all! I guess is the “looser
    experience” gets me a better place.. coz I learned.. I gain wisdom
    after all!


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