Philosophy on patience and tolerance in management

Face the fact –

       I.          we live in an imperfect world – environment, conditions and situations.

     II.          We are surrounded by imperfect people no matter how good, strong or passionate they are.

    III.          We ourselves are NOT perfect


Then we have  –

  1.   to still keep our expectations high and strive for the best
  2.   to evaluate the people surrounding us if
    1. a.     their strengths are more than their weakness
    2. b.     their heart is pure and sincere


If point 2 is positive, then we do not have to lose our tempers or get stressed ; and apply patience and tolerance to people who score positively on point 2 above (if they failed us).

 If point 2 are not met …… why are we then keeping them ?


Be patient or take the termination route ; no need for emotional outbursts !!

Willie  @ 19 Sept 2012



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