Today’s Efficiency

Indovision – super efficient.

My bills were due on the 8th of every month.
Normally I would pay one or 2 days before and all was fine.

In the month of Dec, I paid my bill via the internet on the morning of the 8th Dec just before 8.30 am.
At 11 am when I switched on the TV, my services had already been blocked.

WOW. That was really super efficient.
When I called, the Customer Service personnel confirmed that they have received my payment and will reboot my services within the hour. They did … and I was happy.

I am just impressed by how stringent and disciplined today’s system are set out to manage late payers.

No mistakes, no errors, no human feelings involved, no mercy.
No negotiation, no warning.

Pay on time or else ….. suffer the consequences.

I like !!

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