Merdeka Day 31 August 2015

merdeka photo

It’s 31st Aug 2015.
It’s Merdeka Day in Malaysia.

Having lived outside Malaysia approx 30 years now, I still have fond memories of my schooling days in Johor Bahru (1972-1986 from Std 1 to Upper Six ….. going thru all, Penilaian Darjah 5, SRP, SPM and STPM).

Up till today, I am still in touch with ex classmates from STAR 1 and English College. We had great teachers back then too.

I still remember very well the lyrics of our national anthem; as well as our Johor state anthem. We used to sing them every week during school assembly.

I have not sung these 2 anthems for ages. Yet on the 29th of August, whilst I was with the Bersih 4 Jakarta chapter, I sang Negara Ku out load with all my heart. I felt the warmth, I felt my blood rushing thru my veins …. I felt something in my heart. I felt the love for my country which I grew up in.

The thing that came to my mind at that MOMENT was the Tata Rakyat lesson we had in our primary school days. The word MUHIBAH came to mind. As we are living in a multi racial country, Tata Rakyat taught us to live in harmony and Muhibah ; which meant tolerance, understanding, unity and mutual respect for all races and religion.

Is Tata Rakyat still taught in school today? Do the teachers still emphasis strongly the need to live in MUHIBAH today ? I certainly hope so !

Well, over the past few months, many have already talked and posted about the political situation in our country. Will not do that here.
In this posting, I just wish to do these 3 things.
1. To wish all my fellow Malaysians a Happy MERDEKA Day.
2. To uphold the spirit of Muhibah, as I will continue to educate my daughter to respect all races and religion.
3. To wish for the best for the future of Malaysia to becoming a country where meritocracy, equality, fairness, true democracy exist. Love all human beings without prejudice & discrimination of race and religion.

I am a Malaysian.
Happy Merdeka Day.


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