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Lessons for the sake of lesson ?
Lessons to really teach and groom ?

Today, there are many tuition classes to teach and draw out the talent of children. It is infact a booming business ; as all parent naturally want to bring out the best in their child. Hence, there will be a constant and continuous demand.

There are music classes, math, English, ballet, martial arts, tennis and many more.

I myself send my daughter to some (not one) of these classes.

Glad to note that some of these classes are really good ; where they have good tutors teaching with their heart and soul in guiding my daughter. My wife and I could really see progress, improvement and the instilled passion in our chlid.

However, it is also SAD to note that some tutors are merely “going through motion” or just “going through the needed hours”…. to make money ….without much care nor concern of my daughter’s improvement. Test, quizes and external competition are inadequately prepared. To be “number one or champion” does not seem to be more important than “just the spirit of participation” !? There is very little drive and emphasis to excel. Encouragement to be the best seems to be missing.

Yes, it is a fact that we sometimes are unlucky to get “lower than expectation” tutors. But even sadder would be the fact that we have owners of “institutions dedicated to education and learning” focusing on making lots of money as their primary objective and putting education/learning a low second or third (as a priority). I am of course disappointed.

If for example, I had the music skill myself, I would gladly teach my daughter on my own.

Perhaps I am idealistic. However, I feel that “great education & learning” programs especially to the young should not be compromised by someone (or institution) who’s focus and priority would be to have a massive class to make lots of money ; and having the quality of teachings and tutoring being of secondary importance. What a shame !!

Whislt I rant and complained to my wife, she just told to “stop complaining, quit the class and get her out to a better class. Pay more … get her to a better class ” ! Good idea mommy !!!

A defensive reader to this writing would perhaps point out that hey its your daughter who is not focused or not having talent !!
Sure. Ok then …. we will just find someone else who can do a better job in getting her to focus and get better results. Mind you we do not expect her to turn out to be an Einstein, Nadal or Clayderman.

Lastly, nothing wrong for a daddy wanting only the best for his daughter right !!

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