Sales …social media

My family and was at a mall
yesterday and there was a car
exhibition on. We walked past and
a salesperson greeted us. He was polite and offered to show us around. 

At the end, we told him that currently we had no intention of changing our car. He was again very polite and courteous and he asked me if he could get my contact details in case he has future updates to share with me. As he had been very pleasant, I obliged.

This morning … upon checking my phone, he has found me on my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn asking me if I could accept him as a friend/contact.

How many sales personnel are doing this today and getting/mantaining leads thru social media …..

By the way …. it’s free.


#courteous  #database  #futuresales

#professionalism  #service  #socialskills  #powerofsocialmedia

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