To win

A quote my manager once told me long ago.

If you wish to go to heaven, you must first “die a good death”.  Literally …one must first suffer and endure pain ….before being to taste ultimate success.

When one is young and have the energy …put in a good days work … be brave …take risks. 

Lead YOUR life. Be EXTRAORDINARY. make your life meaningful.


Trainings are meant for YOU. It’s all about YOU and catered  for YOU.

Regardless of the sponsor, the primary recipient is YOU. Whatever that is taught belongs to YOU. 

YOU bring it inside of YOU where ever you go. 

YOU may change …YOU may behave differently  … YOU may interact positively….YOU may become a stronger better person.

All is required is that YOU open your heart and be receptive.

YOU are in control of YOU.

Ciputra Hotel Cbb

Delight / Service …

The little things in life when we serve …… the eye for detail …..

Every small effort counts.

Every “sincere gesture”
triggers an action,  response, smile and goodwill.

We just have to be active in doing these little things and be QUICK to do it at the right MOMENT.

Small touching efforts are never wasted. Infact if done consistently, it all adds up.

Serve your customers passionately.

A new you ….

Dear Moon Child,

You have come to a point where you have to make your own decisions. You have grown and I have seen you blossomed. 

It is now time that you believe in yourself, your intuition and listen to your inner thoughts.

Your heart, soul and energy are now in the right path and focus. They are aligned with mine.

As your guide,  I could not have done better than what I saw you just did.

You are ready ….. and soon all will see


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