She is Kamala …

She is Kamala ….

In her speech directed to the children of America …..

Applicable not only to the children of America, but also adults, entrepreneurs, business professionals all over the world.

Bermimpilah dengan ambisi.
Pimpin dengan keyakinan.
Lihat diri Anda dengan cara yang mungkin tidak dilihat orang lain, hanya karena mereka belum pernah melihatnya sebelum ini.

She is Kamala …

She is Kamala …..

The news repeating again and again that “Kamala is the FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR”  to fill the VP chair  and that  “this is a victory for black women” is really sad.

She is Kamala Harris.
Praise her, focus on her credentials and qualities.

Why is there a need to emphasize  so much of her “color”? Isn’t this “encouraging” racial polarization in modern America ?

Just treat her as a well deserving “human being” elected by the people …..regardless of race, gender, religion and color.

An end to hypocrisy ?

The popular votes showed only a slim victory in this divisive election.

Regardless, the better man won and DIGNITY is now at least restored to a country that shouts out loud about democracy and claims to be a land of the free.

May the lies, hypocrisy, bullying, stupidity and discrimination stop.

God has blessed America and infact the WORLD.

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