The WRONG type of STRESS !!

Professionally – One should be stressed only by external challenges. Example – beating competition, customer satisfaction etc.

However, it is a real pity that most people are stressed due to internal factors ….. office politics, bad superiors etc. Infact, this would be the main killer of productivity and creativity.

One tends to then focus to please the boss more than his/her external customers or make excuses for non performance and blaming others !!

3 thoughts on “The WRONG type of STRESS !!

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  1. but horrr.. it seems that it is the internal factors that plays the stronger role in deciding one’s career outcome.. at least within the company.

    thus there is the contradiction…


  2. I m totaly agreed with Vicz. To move on in your career, the “polishing” skill plays an important role, in fact big role, and it hurts for people who doesnt play this trick.

    In fact, the “pity” should be the person who is doing it, making use of it, taking it for granted and enjoying it!


  3. Exactly! 2 weeks ago, I’ve had the similar situation happen
    to me.. I was so freaking pissed but I played the calm game.. was
    the internal factors. After spending days digging deep to my
    thoughts.. I got it! Those are the one I can’t control and I must
    know where I wanna to go.. not who I wanna feel good with. I’ve my
    stuff that sells @ competitive price! (but first I must able to
    convince my Seller!), it has a definate market place.. and the Best
    thing I’m really good at what I’m doing.. so what else could I ask
    for more! Focus my goal.. is my only way to go!


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