Wake up …. stop living in the past !!

“Relationship is certainly important. However, today, success does not only depend on “who you know” but more importantly – how good you are and what you are capable of. This is then the true meaning of “value” in one-self.”

 I’d rather buy from a “STRANGER” who can perform for me, serve my needs and exceed my expectations versus from a FRIEND who can only offer mediocrity.

6 thoughts on “Wake up …. stop living in the past !!

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  1. Last week I bought my camera from a stranger… I knew which brand I wanted.. And she was good. She could explain the difference of each model, and recommend the best functions that meet my requirement. Took time to let me decide the colour of the camera, and demonstrated the functions showed me the differences. And finally gave me her mobile telephone, if I needed help… She was capable, skillful and excellent service. So I totally agree with stop living the past.. Move on the future is here!!


  2. Absolutely agree..just to share one of my fav quote :
    “The past is for inspiration, not imitation –for continuation, not repetition..”


  3. ahhh… but if one can find it in their heart, sometimes it is just about helping the friend. afterall, the friend could come back one day and offer an opportunity.

    familiarity breeds complacency, so you cannot always blame a friend for less than stellar performance. of coz… this friend must not screw me up. that would be my bare minimum. its just like S**… first time it is a spectacle… second time it is a marvel… third time it is interesting… fourth time it is a chore. =P


  4. again, i am of same opinion as Vicz.

    Sometime, it is about helping a friend. A favour given is a favour to remember.

    Perhaps it is also about what kind of fren you are putting your trust here.

    “how good you are and what you are capable of”-this got to re-define. In the end of the day, it shouldn’t be only about fulfilling your desire,meeting your priority.


  5. I’m not sure if I’m right.. but most Asian do that.. they
    love to go for the “Relationship Selling”! I Don’t! In the place
    where I live, I can eaisly find people specialized in thier
    particular field.. I’m glad and greatful for that! and when I’m
    asked to do something I’m sure, I would said sorry I can offer any
    help coz I really don’t know much about it! and that’s the reason
    why I am trying to be better each day at what I do..


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