Working in Niro …. here’s the rule and some thoughts !!

A manager who delegates without stipulating deadlines or having a “lack of attitude” to follow thru is even worse than his subordinate who fails to deliver on time. 

Solve the problems if you can. And solve it immediately too. If you can’t, then you had better tell me. If I also fail, then I would enjoy sinking with you rather than you sink alone or you pull me along when I had no chance (or too late) to even try to solve the problem together with you.

 Consistency – No one has the energy to check on you all the time. Be true to yourself. If you have agreed to do certain things, then do it every time correctly /accurately and on time. 


 What ??? You are SORRY ??? !!!

Today, in striving to achieve excellence ………. saying “Sorry” when we fail to deliver to our customers (internal or external) is just not good enough.

 The one who failed will have to ask …..

– how can I compensate (in dollars & cents or additional work) ?

– how do you want me to be accountable ?

– what punishment / penalty should I endure ?

– how do I make it up to you ?

 Only then can the customer really feel that you are indeed SORRY.

24 Oct 2010

One thought on “Working in Niro …. here’s the rule and some thoughts !!

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  1. I like the “Sorry” one. We’re all guilty of making mistakes. The best ones of us makes the least mistakes. The real failures are the ones who don’t take accountability for their mistakes! On top of that, they even blame others for their own mistakes! Damn loosers!


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