Although the vote calculations had earlier indicated that Jokowi would eventually emerge as the President Elect, I was glued in front of the TV to hear the official announcement from the Election Commission (KPU).
At 8.55 pm @ 22 July 14, it was finally announced OFFICIALLY that Jokowi is the winner.

As a Malaysian who has made Indonesia my home and lived through the many Presidents since Suharto’s era, I am indeed happy to have had a first-hand experience to witness the “Great Turning Point” of this country.

The election with all the campaigning went about smoothly. It was peaceful and MOST IMPORTANTLY steps were taken to ensure TRANSPARENCY.

With today’s modern gadgets and technology, all documentation were captured and uploaded on various social media sites instantaneously since election-day 9 July.

Parties (quick count organizations) making biased and irresponsible remarks were quickly handled and put on task to justify their claims. In other words ……. the “people” of Indonesia today wanted facts, facts and more facts and avoided “cheap claims and empty talks”.

A “Great Turning Point” because the people here are no longer intimidated by the power of the political elites and I believe (in my humble opinion) “money politics” was not as great an influence today compared to the olden days.

The people wanted change and wanted a good leader to further progress the country.

Jokowi won by a thin majority of 6.3 %. But this number translates to more than 8 million voters !!!!

Today, with improved education, exposure via media, press freedom, “almost everyone” in this country is well informed. This Jokowi small majority win at 53.15 % is certainly a GREAT START and a turning point proving that DEMOCRACY is alive and that the peoples’ voice are heard and respected.
WOW !!!!!!!!

Jokowi at age 53 is a very humble person by nature. He was not born in a family of military power nor any political elite. Hardworking, clean, factual, righteous and with great integrity, he has risen to become the No. 1 Man to lead Indonesia.

I truly admire him and I am glad and happy that he won.
I am excited and I look forward to seeing him lead this great nation of Indonesia which is full of potential and resources to greater heights in the near future

Congratulations Pak Jokowi …..
Congratulations Indonesia.

Photo 22-07-2014 18 36 24

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