A hope (that I am not)

Leadership ….. one needs to always look into a mirror to evaluate one self before evaluating others.

Leaders do not know it all. Sensitivity to the ground is critical and it is not surprising that the best strategy or solution could come from someone junior or even someone new to the organization.

Then are we ready and brave enough to support it ….or will we be stuck in our own paradigms thinking we know best ?

Are we listening …. really listening ?  Or are we so in tuned with our own old beliefs that we shut everything out.

The world is unfair. True. How sensitive are we to then touch the hearts of those who have sufferred ?

Do we lead by our heart or by our head ? 

At the end of the day, could we have peace in our mind when we go home ;  and have a good night’s sleep knowing that we have truly changed with time in how we behaved to others.

In humility ….a teacher should sometimes sincerely ask his student …..” how can you teach me” ?

Always learning ……

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