Is about ME

As a person

My character,  my personality

How do I listen and understand

How do I care and know his (my customer) needs

Can I create a need that adds value to his life

Have I served him  sincerely

To the best of my ability


Should not be 

For the sole purpose of getting a sale

Through deception, coercion, manipulation

Then, I will perhaps

Only tricked him once

Pushed him into a corner once

Annoy him once

There will then be no continuity

Nor repeat orders

I have to respect my customer

Treat him as how I myself would liked to be treated

After all, we are both human beings, he and I

Only at different positions at different times

By the way

The above writings is not only about the “selling profèssion”

In our lives

We are selling everyday

A “customer”  could be our spouse, our child, our parent, our siblings or a relative

Hence shouldn’t we avoid deception, coercion and manipulation ?

Shouldn’t we have respect, sincere-care and love ?

Shouldn’t our personal and professional behaviours be aligned ?

Hence not forcing us to wear a mask depending on the roles we play ?

Can we believe the phrase   “love our customer and he will love us back” ?

If we can”t love even if we have sincerely tried very hard, then it is best to walk away and move on. I know I can’t sell to everyone nor can I please everyone.

Everyday,  I just need to learn to be a better person and be able to add better values (positive qualities and skills)  into  MY life ; so that I can in return enrich and better serve others who I engage with.

Selling is not about a product or service.

More importantly it is about ME.

My customers, my friends, my colleagues, my family

Are all a reflection of ME.

A reflection of my Heart & my Soul.

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