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It is shocking to learn that TODAY, people are still “liking” and supporting their friend’s posting without really reading or understanding the content of the author.

Can one really claim ignorance ? Or is one innocently naive ? Or is it sheer blind idolism ?

Where is the sincerity and maturity when one supports someone without even understanding what is written.

Perhaps this is where charismatic extremist can influence their followers to commit harm on to others in the name of religion (or race) and potray the role of a victimized party living in fear, in search for freedom to a better future ?

I urge these people to wake up and stop this blind worshiping.

When confronted, excuses and denials are mere words of hypocrysy and lies.

And when asked for reasons, one simply gives the excuse of misintrepretation ?

Well only GOD knows.

Be sincere. Know who you are. Know what you want.

Commit to the cause of the environment you belong to. Otherwise leave the environment and stop being a hypocrite. No one is forcing you to suffer nor pretend to be who you are not.

You are actually FREE. It is YOU who is trapping yourself and giving yourself excuses of being an injured puppy.

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